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  • Two line passes will be called
  • Full slap shots will be allowed
  • Any player receiving four (4) penalties in one game will be ejected from that game and issued a game misconduct
  • Any player who receives a fighting penalty will be ejected from the league for the season and will receive NO REFUND. Discussion of team captains will follow regarding further play next season
  • If a player is issued a "major penalty" or "misconduct", that player will be subject to review by league captains and may be ejected from the league and will receive NO REFUND
  • Abuse of referees will not be tolerated. You will be subject to ejection with NO REFUND
  • The purpose of this league is to have fun - "cheap" play is not welcome and will not be tolerated

Rosters And Player Status

  • Each team will have a roster that they must abide by
  • Subs for each team must be approved by the league and team captains
  • Captains of each team are responsible for subs; Players do not obtain subs
  • All subs MUST be pulled from the sub list - a limited list. Team captains will get a copy of the sub list. Subs will pay $10 to sub and can play one game only. Team captains will determine "emergency situations"
  • Please make payments as scheduled. Failure to make payments will result in your removal and a replacement will be sought. Should you have a personal situation, see Dave or Gary.


  • If you still have a hockey jersey from the Tuesday Night Hockey League, please bring it with you
  • Please park appropriately at the Broome Community College campus. the parking lots near the Ice Center are best (front or back of the Ice Center). Never park in LOT 17 - marked for STAFF ONLY AT ALL TIMES. After 5:00pm all STUDENT LOTS are appropriate to park in (no tickets issued after 5:00pm)
  • The Broome Community Ice Center will be open during the winter months (during our scheduled ice time) unless a "state of emergency" is called. So, the game is ON as scheduled unless the "state of emergency" is called.